Patient and public involvement in research

Since 2020 we have been working together with patients and citizens as co-researchers to further expand involvement of patients and citizens in our research (participatory health services research).

Taking into account their individual resources, interests and abilities, they conduct research in collaboration with us in research projects relevant to health service provision.

In addition, joint research projects are planned. Our activities include (1) patient and public involvement in research projects, as well as (2) the establishment of structures to expand patient and public involvement.

Patient and public involvement in research projects

Patient-centeredness is a key criterion to ensure high-quality care in the future. By involving patients and citizens in research projects, the research should be more closely oriented to the everyday life of the people whose living environment is to be researched. A joint examination of different perspectives can create a learning process for all participants. In addition, we regularly involve patients and citizens in the development of questionnaires.

Durch eine gemeinsame Auseinandersetzung mit unterschiedlichen Perspektiven kann ein Lernprozess für alle Beteiligten entstehen. Zusätzlich involvieren wir PatientInnen und BürgerInnen regelmäßig bei der Entwicklung von Fragebögen.

Current projects

Patient and public involvement in the GestDiNa project (aftercare for gestational diabetes)

Assessment of information needs amongst people with diabetes mellitus in different stages of the disease

Establishment of structures to expand patient and public involvement

The establishment of the citizens’ advisory board in September 2020 was another important step towards expanding and establishing patient and public involvement in research of the ISE in the future.

The citizens’ advisory board receives information on the research projects of the ISE and advises the ISE in order to take greater account of opinions, wishes, concerns, fears and expectations of the public in research, to better identify existing gaps in research, to support the expansion of participatory research and to increase public understanding and awareness of diabetes research.

The citizens’ advisory board is currently composed out of four citizens with different personal and/or professional relations to the disease of diabetes.

You can find mor informations in the Press release and in the internal regulations of the advisory board.

Members of the citizens' advisory board

Evelyn Bruns

Voluntary leader of the diabetes support group at DDZ, Düsseldorf and professional employee of the Centrum für Integrierte Diabetesversorgung (CID), Cologne

Lutz Denken

Managing director of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Düsseldorf

Nicola Irmer

Artist, Düsseldorf

Rebekka Hakenberg

Industrial clerk and cloth diaper consultant/ specialist for sustainable and natural diapering and hello nappy consultant, Solingen

Christoph Rupprecht

Head of health policy and health economics department, AOK Rhineland/Hamburg – Die Gesundheitskasse, Düsseldorf

Dr. Hartmut Wecker

Head of communication, district Waldeck/Frankenberg

Caro Pudmensky

Teacher, coordinator of the Looper meetings in the Cologne area (, #dedocᵒ voice

Interested in doing research together with us? You are welcome to contact us!

We are continuously looking for interested patients and citizens for smaller and larger projects. We know from previous projects that both groups have valuable ideas and expertise in research projects.

Furthermore, we would like them to participate, as health care directly affects them. If you are interested, please contact Sandra Borgmann.

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