Assessment of information needs amongst people with diabetes mellitus in different stages of the disease

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There is initial evidence that the information needs can differ in different stages of the disease. Studies which describe and analyze the change in information needs during the course of diabetes are missing. In addition to clinical factors that characterize specific stages of the disease, other stable but also changing personal and environmental factors related to information needs can be identified. First study results indicate that, for example, the perceived level of information, participation preferences and coping strategies are associated with information needs. Other associations with information-related constructs such as health literacy are also conceivable. Only little is known about the association with environmental factors such as social support.


  • Analysis of the association between disease-related factors and diabetes-related information needs
  • Identification of personal and/or environmental factors that potentially operate as mediator or moderator variables in the association of disease-related factors and information needs

A follow-up study will look beyond the project to address changes in information needs.

Project Lead and Contact Person


Department for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Center for Health Communication and Health Services Research, University Hospital of Bonn, Bonn



A cross-sectional survey is planned. By means of a questionnaire, the instruments to measure information needs, disease-related factors and personal and environmental factors will be handed out to people with diabetes mellitus. First of all, a pre-test should be carried out in a specialized diabetes practice to adapt the questionnaire if respondents consider this to be necessary. In a second step, the revised questionnaire will be used to conduct a survey.

Selected Publication

Grobosch S, Kuske S, Linnenkamp U, Ernstmann N, Stephan A, Genz J, Begun A, Haastert B, Szendroedi J, Müssig K, Burkard V, Roden M, Icks A for the GDS Group. What information needs do people with recently diagnosed diabetes mellitus have and what are the associated factors? A cross-sectional study in Germany. BMJ Open 2018. DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-017895

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