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Support diabetes research at the DDZ with your participation in a clinical trial.

Deepening our knowledge on diabetes to improve preventive and therapeutic options requires intensified research efforts.

In particular, the causes underlying the development of diabetes and diabetes-related complications are largely unexplained. Further research is required to improve the prediction, prevention and treatment of the disease and its comorbidities.

Clinical trials are conducted with the aim to identify factors affecting the development and progression of diabetes and its complications. At the same time, patients benefit from their study participation by obtaining detailed information on their disease state.

Current Studies

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Frequently asked questions about participating in a study

Which studies are available for me to participate?

You can find a list of the current studies here

Do I have to fulfill certain requirements in order to participate?

Yes, the studies have specific eligibility requirements.

Do I get money for participation?

Yes, participants will receive monetary compensation for participating in our clinical trials. The amount depends on the study.

Can I participate even if I do not have diabetes?

Yes, that is possible. For some studies, control subjects who are not suffering from diabetes are needed. It varies from study to study.

Quality assured study conduct

At the Clinical Research Center in DDZ, the quality of the study conduct has been certified by the independent certification society DQS.
DQS issued the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate demonstrating the reliability of the study's quality and its compliance with the highest medical standards.

Benefits of participating in a study at the DDZ

Extensive investigations

Benefits from the extensive medical examinations for the early detection of diabetes complications, such as nerve or vascular damage.


The results of the examinations will be provided free of charge. The family doctor could use the documents for a more targeted treatment of your diabetes.


For participating, you will receive monetary compensation. The amount depends on the study.

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