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Quality-assured and independent information on issues around diabetes for the general public, doctors and professionals

The National Diabetes Information Centre is a staff unit of the DDZ and informs people with diabetes, their relatives, the public, doctors, medical professionals and interested parties about topics such as early detection, prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of diabetes and its secondary diseases.

In addition, the NDZ maintains transdisciplinary networks with partners from diverse areas of science, society and politics.

National Diabetes Information Portal:

To meet the growing need for information on diabetes and its sequelae, the National Diabetes Information Center (NDC) in corporation with Helmholtz Center Munich and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) e. V.  operates the National Diabetes Information Portal diabinfo (in German) for the general public, doctors and professionals.

With up-to-date newsletters and specialist articles, the portal offers the visitor quality-assured information on diabetes and related topics, such as early detection, prevention and treatment of the complications.


Answering individual inquiries about diabetes

Based on the guidelines of the German Diabetes Association (DDG) and the recommendations of international professional associations, the staff unit offers an information platform and an interactive interactive information service, where patients, interested parties and specialists can send their personal inquiries about diabetes and related topics to experts.

The experts of the DDZ answer every request individually. These measures are intended to sustainably improve the knowledge about the widespread disease diabetes and its complications as well as to contribute to the education.

Diabetes – Not only a question of type: Initiative to increase awareness of the disease diabetes

What is diabetes? Which types are there? What are the causes? How can diabetes be prevented? What does diabetes mean for everyday life? We answer these questions and many more in the initiative “Diabetes – not just a question of type”!

In short explanatory films, we provide comprehensive information about the disease. With this targeted and nationwide education, the German Diabetes Center with the support of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) intends to counteract the further spread of diabetes and its sequelae as well as to increase awareness of diabetes.


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