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Equal opportunities are self-evident at the German Diabetes Center (DDZ).

The DDZ follows the recommendations of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Leibniz Association. The DDZ strives for a balanced gender ratio at all levels. Equal opportunities between women and men at the DDZ are significantly influenced by the implementation and further development of the compatibility of work, family and private life in science and research. Thus, the DDZ creates the framework in which starting a family, nursing and care tasks are not obstacles in their career path, especially for young (scientific) employees. This increases its attractiveness as an employer.

The DDZ positions itself as a family-conscious employer through a variety of offers (e.g. support by a family service provider, parent-child office) and the compatibility of work, family and private life is actively supported by the management. Furthermore, the DDZ offers flexibility in working hours and place of work, flexible part-time and holiday arrangements as well as further education and training for scientific and science-supporting employees. In the various stages of career planning, family and life-phase-conscious leadership is significantly promoted by the strategic tool, employee-supervisor discussion. DDZ also offers health-promoting activities, such as sports.

DDZ has been certified by “berufundfamilie” since 2011.

The contact persons at DDZ on the subject of equality and the compatibility of work, family and private life are Dr. Birgit Knebel and the deputy, Dr. Sabrina Schlesinger.


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