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The national diabetes information portal diabinfo.de now offers a large number of its services in the areas of “Preventing Diabetes” and “Living with Diabetes” in English.

Something for everyone
On the “Preventing Diabetes” and “Living with Diabetes” pages, people at increased risk of diabetes or with existing diabetes, their relatives and all interested parties can find information on type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as on gestational diabetes in English. The English content of the national diabetes information portal is also suitable for everyday medical practice: either for direct communication with people with diabetes who speak English, or for recommending the site to patients.

Click here for the English-language offer: https://www.diabinfo.de/en/

Which also contains a download area with practical infographs, emergency documents and training plans.

Diabetes: Preventing and living with the disease
diabinfo.de provides background information on a wide range of diabetes-related topics in its English-language section. In the “Preventing Diabetes” section, visitors can learn more about what can be done to prevent diabetes, which factors increase the risk of diabetes, and how to motivate themselves to lead a balanced lifestyle. The pages of “Living with Diabetes” provide information on the basics of the disease, treatment, secondary diseases, and everyday life with diabetes.

The texts are scientifically verified, up-to-date and neutral. Findings from medicine and diabetes research are presented in a generally understandable way. In the media center videos explain briefly and understandably important questions all around the disease. The “Diabetes A-Z” section gets to the heart of complex technical terms.

About diabinfo.de
The national diabetes information portal diabinfo.de with its subportals Preventing Diabetes, Living with Diabetes and Information for Professionals is a joint service of Helmholtz Munich, the German Diabetes Center (DDZ) and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD)

Many of the contents of diabinfo.de are also available in Turkish, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian.

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